Note from President – Reg Upcoming dates for added comps & Presso night.

Dear All,

With the end of the year fast approaching please lock in the following dates.

21st   October 2018    Comp 8 The Hill 6.30am

4th      November 2018 Comp 9 The Hill 6.30am

10th    November 2018 Gromtag Australian Series. North Cronulla

18th    November 2018 Presentation Ravesis Hotel Bondi Beach

We are very pleased to announce we will be entering two, 5 person junior teams in the Gromtag Australian Series on the 10th November at North Cronulla. This event will see our best under 18’s go up against the region’s best in order to qualify for the Australian Championships held at Curl Curl on the 24th November.

This Sunday will host our second last contest of the year. The amazing gang from Ravesis will be cooking up a special meal on Sunday for all our competitors so bring an appetite. They also have introduced a great new menu and the views from the restaurant are world class so go take someone special or a group and check it out.

We have also added an extra round on the 4th November being AA rated(double the points). All divisions will be competing in both of these events. The final point score will allow all competitors to drop their worst result.

Our presentation this year will be held at Ravesis on Sunday 18th November from 2.30pm. Stay tuned for further details.

Huge congratulations must go to our community partners the Sydney Roosters taking out the GF in a dominate display over Melbourne. A huge number of BBR members attended the game and enjoyed a night that will never be forgotten.

Thank you to all our sponsors  Ravesis, Surfculture,  Robert Damelian Car buyers, Bondi Tony’s Burger Joint, Darren from Chef Daz (thank you for always feeding our hungry surfers every contest), Richardson & Wrench Bondi Beach, Sydney Roosters, Ticketek Australia,  SapphireOne, LiveHeats & Maxum Watches.

Kind regards,

Ian Wallace


Bondi Boardriders




This means your division does not surf on that comp.

This is it!!!! After calculation and deliberation’s, the divisions that have byes each comp. It’s not something I like to do but with the lack of daylight, so we hardly double bank and fairness for everyone it has to be done.
Any issues pls TEXT me, Victoria 0426 774 501.



Dear Members,

Bondi Boardriders 2018 is officially open for business. Simply go to and join up. Due to our ever expanding membership please act quickly as numbers will be limited for 2018. It will simply be first in best dressed.

You will see we have apparel features with sizing, again be quick as numbers will be limited. There are sizing charts here also for your reference.

If anyone has any technical questions signing up using live heats please email  Chris Friend

Our first contest is on the 18th March 2018 and  this will be an all division contest. We are always looking for helping hands and would like to see a few new faces ready to help out. If you can please contact or call 0416 251073.

We are really looking forward to another awesome year and 2017 saw some huge results for our club and individuals. Huge congratulation must go to Grayson Hinrichs who is the current under 16 Australian Champion. 2017 also saw Bondi Board riders win the NSW South ABB and we came 3rd in the country at the nationals with Perth Standlick getting surfer of the event.

Bondi Boardriders is now considered one the most competitive club in the country and with our ever expanding grommet divisions we will be a strong force in the years to come.

We are currently looking at new sponsorship opportunities as well as continuing with our fantastic and existing loyal supporters. If you are wanting to get involved in sponsoring the Boardriders giving your brand / company unique exposure on the most famous Beach in the world,  please contact Ian Wallace

Bring on BBR 2018.

Kind regards,

Ian Wallace

BBR President.

Ps If anyone has any financial difficulties and would like to become a member/renew please email myself  Ian Wallace all correspondence will be strictly confidential.


Bondi Single Fin Classic 2017 – recap


Surfing contests are often defined by the quality of waves. But not the Bondi Single Fin Classic. The waves can be as wonky as funk music but no one really cares, as this is a surfing circus. Tents, buses, fancy dress, surprising people, and impromptu dancing all feature – which is why I’ll focus on those virtuous elements in this recap.

The day started under infrequent but heavy downpours. In fact water was coming up at us from below at one stage when a star picket was driven into a water main on the South Bondi hill. Fortunately, we’re such a vital part of the community and driver of youth development that we can make errors with council every now and then…. and the show went on.

The first rounds were held in small, but consistent waves with the goofy footers at an advantage as a left-hander developed in the corner. Old Single Fins are hard to ride at the best of times, but in these waves they are confounding. But that’s what this day is about – boards lie around on the hill and you pick one up, see how it feels under arm, see how the last surfer went on it, then give it a go. In your next heat you might want to try something else or find someone else has the board you want.

Eugene of Aquabumps not only made it out of the first round for the first time, but won his heat convincingly. Dave Davidson was guest of honour this year – a title which results in his photo ending up on the t-shirts, posters and artwork, plus a number of other benefits over the weekend. Davo, a former pro-surfer, who now lives on the Gold Coast, smashed out an 8 and a 7 in his heat, marking him as a key threat. Reigning champ John Ozzie wasn’t finding previous form, stuck in the south corner rip, he bombed out early. His arch rival Ian Wallace was milking the waves on a carefully chosen McCoy which was tucked away in a car between surfs so it couldn’t get waterlogged by other surfers riding it. These are the very tactics required to progress.


As the day went on surfers across the 3 divisions belted out all sorts of highly creative surfing in the unpredictable waves – which picked up in size during the early afternoon. Creativity was also required on the dancefloor. As tradition dictates, surfers dance before they surf, for vital points. The girls from Fluoro Friday judged the dancing – dressed in iridescent disco wear – Luke Kennedy’s girlfriend Aprilla, her twin sister and their friends were in fact the most energetic dancers on the day, jiving away as they handed out scores to surfers whose moves ranged from impressive to downright disconcerting. Punters walking past were unsure if the dancing was the results of a bet gone wrong, or if it was genuinely volitional and just very twisted.


No one could complain about the music – Charlie Cowan spun up a storm on the turntables and by mid-afternoon had the hill jumping, despite the cloudy weather. Mt Warning provided the live music, and killed it from atop the bus rooftop. The bus was courtesy of Justin Crawford, whose hat company Fallen Broken Street was the main sponsor. The Fallen Broken Street crew drove down from Byron overnight, care of BBR club patron Tony Spanos. The FBS crew have been travelling the country on their Glitch In Time Tour playing music, surfing, and selling hats. We became the last stop on their journey and they tuned into the Single Fin contest perfectly.

The other sound to mention on the day is Cooper and Bush from Radio Hub. This Bondi duo have been commentating the Single Fin since day 1, and are as much a part of the entertainment as the surfing. In fact this is what grass roots surfing contests are all about. One beach, bringing in the best people from the neighbourhood to make a festive event. Only surfing can really do this well – imagine a tennis club saying hey we’re going to get some DJs, and have a fancy dress tennis match using 1960s racquets? Likewise rugby league or Volleyball. The commentary of Cooper and Bush make for a unique event, and find ever more weird and wonderful ways of interpreting surfing and making people laugh.

By late afternoon the finals had distilled the best 4 surfers from each division into 20 minutes of do or die surfing. The stakes were high with 3 brand new single fin surfboards up for grabs – care of local surf shops Surf Culture and Sunburnt Mess. The opens featured Grayson Hinrichs, just 15 years of age and already a part of Bondi surfing folklore (evidence here: Grayson showed incredible surfing intuition on a big old board in ordinary waves, but failed to surpass Chris Friend who was a stand out all day.  In the masters Ryan Carr from Bronte was unlucky to be pipped by Bondi Boardrider’s President Ian Wallace, a fearsome competitor and great bloke who has a few SF titles under his belt now. The Grand Masters came down to close finish with Phil Leadley overcoming Rick Scott, West Coleman, and Billy Morris. If you’re on Facebook Deadly will have told you all about this by now.

A big thanks to Vissla for supplying the contest t-shirts. The proceeds go a long way in funding the event and supporting the club. They looked great and we hope to keep working with Vissla in future.Thanks to Richie Stenlake of Made Agency for all the great artwork! Also thanks to Vic Austin our Contest Director who is an absolute gem! Also thanks go to Spanos, Ricky Scott, Dave Byron and Stodsy, and especially to our guest of honour, Davo, a true Bondi champion.

The next Bondi Single Fin Classic is in 2 years. Barely enough time for me and my co-organiser, Beau Sevastos, to recover.

Benny Davies