Introduction of Bye System for Bondi Boardriders



  • Below is a letter from Club President Ian “Wal” Wallace explaining the introduction of the bye system. The dot points below offer a short summary.
  • Due to increase in membership numbers (185 last comp) we have announced an introduction of a bye system for the Club commencing 3 April.
  • The first divisions to receive the BYE for next Sunday 3 April 2016 are the Juniors and Women’s Division
  • The rest of the BYE Dates and divisions will be posted within 7 days
  • To compensate we are also adding one more comp date in November during daylight savings – date TBA
  • Every surfer can still drop one contest in addition to their bye round

Firstly I would like to thank each and every one of you for making the first contest such a huge success. While we had great waves and weather on our side, this means nothing if the club and the people in it have no spirit. Everyone present helped out and made the day fantastic. All divisions surfed out of their skin and it was awesome to see some of the older crew making a very welcome return. The Scum Valley Cup boys surfed as hard as they did when they were kids and some of the rivalries there date back to when they were micro groms themselves.

We had close to 185 competitors don a rash vest and compete. These number are record numbers for our club and proves we are moving in the direction of being the one of the strongest clubs in the country. However, with the influx of these numbers and the loss of daylight savings combined with council and insurance restrictions, it means our committee has to come up with a way that all our surfers can surf and enjoy the Boardriders in the fairest way possible.

So, from the next comp, being the 3rd April, we will be introducing a bye system for divisions. Much like rugby league etc. The great news is we will be adding another contest at the end of the year that will allow 2 contests in daylight savings and in those contests the entire clubs’ divisions will compete on the same day. Every surfer can still drop one contest on top of their bye round.

On the 3rd of April the Junior’s and The women’s will have the bye. Each division will have a bye and we will have these dates up within the next 7 days. So just to repeat all other divisions will be competing on the 3rd April with the exception of the Juniors and the Women’s. We are aiming to have less dual heats and also want to give more focus to the micros and cadets as these guys are the future and our most important asset. All divisions will benefit from this new system and we hope that those divisions who have the bye will still come down on the day and show their support.

I would like to thank the committee all of whom give so much of their time and effort to make this club run the way it does. We are so stoked to have Clare, Vicki, Shane, Steve, Ray, Rod, Stodsy and Ben doing all that they do. I would also like to thank all our sponsors who without their constant support none of this would be possible.


Kind regards,