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Bondi Board Riders 2014 AGM A Great Success!

Bondi Board Riders 2014 AGM

The Bondi Boardriders AGM held at the Bondi Bowling club on the 30th of January 2014 was another outstanding occasion with a great attendance. Key points were.

– New Bondi Boardriders website http://www.bondiboardriders.com
– Pre-drawn first round heats advertised on website
– All contests filmed for Home Grown Movie Nights
– Introduction of Division Captains
– Buckler to Bra Memorial Challenge
– Club Challenge Bondi v Sandon Point
– New division Grand Masters (legends) over 50’s
– Junior Development
– Club Membership Fees and Membership Form release
– Club registration with Fair Trading and Surfing N.S.W public liability

Key speakers on the night
– Rod Donoso. Rating system and division point score cut off after club contest 4 to make the BBR team to surf against Sandon Point
– John Adams. Club finance and Registration with Fair Trading and Surfing N.S.W public liability.
– Ian Wallace. Jim Beam Tag Team event
– Shane Thomas. Bondi v Sandon point.
– Barns and Alex Tucker. Junior development

Key questions on the night
– Improved judging and training with Surfing N.S.W
– New junior members to be able to join club without 2 x members recommendation
– Senior members to judge junior heats

It was with the greatest pleasure that the Bondi Boardriders committee held the 2014 Annual General Meeting. We are truly a great club, and the reason we are a great club is because we have great members, and enthusiasm shown by all participants was outstanding.

Thank you to all that attended.

Ray Vuko
Club President

Committee Member Rod Donoso


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  1. Thank you Maryellen for your kind words.
    Ray Vuko

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