BBR Newsletter Comp 3 2014 By Ian Wallace

BBR Newsletter Comp 3 2014

“Get up..Get up, your alarm has been going off for 20 minutes! And eew you stink of beer!!!” As I lay semi naked on the couch this was my introduction to the latest Bondi Boardriders. Leah, (my wonderful and very understanding girlfriend) did not need to mention the fact that I looked like death warmed up. And the cause of this near death? Bloody Jonsey Birthday!!! Yep once again the Royal hotel threw out the red carpet and hosted the birthday for the unofficial captain good times of Bondi Beach. Chris Jones is a previous opens winner and always a danger in a heat. A fellow competitor can only hope that there was something happening the night before and find him AWOL come comp day. Luckily for most fellow competitors Jonesy will go to the opening of an envelope and in this day and age can go out all weekend with $10 and still come home with change. No in all seriousness Happy Birthday legend!

As I made way down the hill, it was clear that not even Ray Charles sunglasses could contain the amount of light going into my cranium. As I got closer to the beach the Micros had just paddles out and where throwing plumbs of spray beyond what their birth certificate may lead you to think. The waves were a solid 4- 6 foot and with a quick coffee and Bacon and egg roll I sat down with our professional judges and enjoyed the show. The waves were solid and even though I could see an air of hesitation from some of the younger kids prior to their heat they all did their best and charged.

Jordie Loyd put on a performance that is being touted for an academy award after receiving some unwanted advice from the judges. Hollywood bigwigs are wanting to transform this epic dummy spit to the big screen and apparently Danni DeVito is the lined up to take on the role of Jordy. Jordy announced his retirement not long after. This is the 7th time Jordy has gone into retirement and we honestly hope it’s not the last. No with all jokes aside Jordy has just had a beautiful baby girl recently and from all the board riders we wish to pass on our congratulations to him and Sandra.

Back to the action and it was big turns that were the order of the day and the early rounds saw plenty of them across all divisions. In the opens and making a welcome comeback to competitive surfing was Jess Billiogton, Billos as he is better known looked dangerous in the surf of late and was hoping for a big result. He had been talking it up big leading into the event. He had also brought a wonderful new fresh custom quiver down on Sunday all with amazing dimensions… this included his new female flatmate! Billos seems to have the unique ability to choose flatmates like most of us order a new board and in his first ever facebook status weeks prior stated. “Looking for a female flatmate to share with hot surfer guy/ yoga instructor. I like long walks on the beach and exotic dinning . On the odd occasional big night I have been known to forget which bedroom is mine. If you are between the ages 17-24 blonde, fit, and like yoga, cleaning & looking at my achieved surfing footage from the early nighties please PM me.( PS include dimensions)” As his first round came around it seemed some of his new equipment was not yet dialed and went down in a shock elimination. But as he left the beach on this freezing day with new stick under one arm and new flatty under the other it was hard to call him a loser.

As the rounds drew on the young girls/guys showed the beach the talent pools are huge across the Junior divisions, they put on a show in the tough conditions that had a couple of the older crew getting butterflies before their heat. Lucy Graham surfed really well as did Banjo and Nellie but once again in the Micros it was the familiar name of Grayson that was found on the winners platform just on front of Will Emanuel. In the cadets it was Bronte Boy Tom Faddy who just pipped Kellie Gamblin who came in Second. The juniors surfing was amazing to say the least. These boys charged the tricky conditions all day and it was Joe Wallace who took out the final over Tom Lorkin. These boys would have given the opens a good run for their money.

The girls, who on land share great friendships certainly leave it all on the beach come heat time. This division is one of the hardest fought in the water and it was Frankie who was once again victorious after a hard fought final. So tough that when the results were read out her reply was “ oh my god was that the final!!!” yes it was Frankie it was the final and yes you won. Not 2 seconds later every social media outlet known to mankind had a” Frankie selfie” claiming her own victory. Her plans of going to Hawaii and taking on the biggest wave ever surfed by a woman were coming along nicely. In second place was Erica followed by Dianne and in fourth was Georgia. An early shock elimination was Lara Damelian who bowed out in the semi’s. Lara had recently qualified for the NSW State titles and last weekend she finished 9th. This is an amazing result and I urge any would be sponsors to get in contact with young Lara before she gets snapped up. The well-spoken talented young girl would be a credit to any company she is associated with.

In the grand masters John Adams must have been watching “the deadliest catch” to psych himself up as he went lobster diving on most of his waves. John decided to take the approach the later the drop the better, it was tough one to watch from all involved. I thought he was recovering well from being hit by a car a year ago but perhaps the injuries were not fully healed.( Ps the car was a complete write off). Once again it was age deifying JJ taking out the division. An appeal was placed from a delirious oxygen starved John Adams who claimed JJ was too young, this was quickly overturned once JJ pulled out his birth certificate. Ray Vuko also thought he was way too good looking to be a grand master from Bondi…this accusation was later proved correct as JJ is a converted Bronte Boy and they bread them very pretty from those parts and resulted in a Ray hug. Those lobsters Adams kept diving for landed him in forth. In second was Tim Ellis and third was Dan Power. Tim now fully aware that Q bar had shut down was keen to party and was last heard screaming “ I’ll see you at the GOOD BAR boys”. Once again no one had the heart to tell him this to had shut down.

In the masters it was ex super model/boxer/ auction squad star Luke Dyer who went toe to toe with Jay Harris. Jay who’s battered and bleeding head thanks to a stray board (his own) finds himself normally on the other side of the lens than Luke. Being a farrrshhhion photographer Jay knows the importance “working it” and put up a number of big turns in the final to impress the judges but it was a set wave in the dying seconds that Luke let it all go and smashed the living daylights out of it to take the victory. Dan Hudson was in third and Eamon in fourth. It is always great to see Eamon’s young kids supporting their dad at all the comps, it will not be too long till we see them down there talking on the micros division.

With many holes being left ajar in the opens from Jonesy’s birthday the contenders (that showed) for this year’s tittle were rubbing their hands together. As the heats drew on and the big names crumbled. Pama Davies, Luke Kennedy and Baiely Richards were all sent packing early. Sage Guppy at only 16 years of age made the decision this year to take on the opens division. Despite his young age he was surfing the solid conditions better than most all day and the final was no exception. With Garth and Myself making up the numbers it was Sage who stole the show with fantastic wave section to take out the event. Garth waited for the elusive bigger sets but was left wondering coming in second while I came in third winning the most amount of waves duck dived ever in a heat. Dave McCarthy made the finals but had to play daddy day care and received forth (only just). Well done Sage this is a huge effort at such a young age.

Thanks again to Ray and all the crew that make each event so enjoyable. We have some great support from local sponsors so make sure you pay a visit to them. Till next time.