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Note from President – Reg Upcoming dates for added comps & Presso night.

Dear All, With the end of the year fast approaching please lock in the following dates. 21st   October 2018    Comp 8 The Hill 6.30am 4th      November 2018 Comp 9 The Hill 6.30am 10th    November 2018 Gromtag Australian Series. North Cronulla 18th    November 2018 Presentation Ravesis Hotel Bondi Beach We are very pleased to announce we will […]


BYES FOR 2018 This means your division does not surf on that comp. This is it!!!! After calculation and deliberation’s, the divisions that have byes each comp. It’s not something I like to do but with the lack of daylight, so we hardly double bank and fairness for everyone it has to be done. Any […]