Bondi Board Riders Newsletter 6 January 2014

Bondi Board Riders Newsletter 6 January 2014 No 1board-riders-micky-mouse.png
Welcome to a new chapter for the Bondi Board Riders Club. We have some very exiting new endeavors on the cards for the year 2014 and beyond. We have a new look committee and are looking forward to our current members and the local community to get right behind us.

First thing first, this year we usher in a new President and we say good-bye to previous President Beau Savastos. Luckily for the club Beau will still be involved but in a capacity that suits his demands. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Beau on behalf of all BBR members both past and present for the outstanding work he has done over the past decade and to where he has taken the club. Having seen first hand Beaus approach no job was too hard and no goal unachievable. Beau has sacrificed a lot to benefit this club and we all owe him a great deal of gratitude. We are now one of the strongest clubs in the country and the world. Our club has blown minds both in and out of the water and as always in a positive way. I am sure you will each show your appreciation to Beau in your own way. (He drinks Corona)

Now with the exit of Beau comes our new leader. This man has been involved with the club for almost a lifetime and has been a past president. He has the hunger and the drive to take BBR to the next level and continue the great work set down by Beau. It is with great pleasure that I announce Ray Vuko as the president for 2014. Ray’s goals are clear and that is to keep the club growing from strength to strength with particular emphasis on growing the next batch of potential world champions whilst getting as many of the old school crew back in a singlet. Ray is Bondi through and through and his goals of seeing the surfing community and local community come together is paramount.

Ray will be implementing many new and exiting initiatives over the next year designed to benefit all club members from our most senior members, current batch of World tour surfer’s way down to the micro groms. But as with all community driven clubs it comes down to the members to make a club truly great and this why this year above others we want and expect all of you to step up and offer your support. We also encourage the parents of the younger (and older) members to get involved and to please let your selves be known. Family participation will be highly appreciated.

2014 is shaping up to be nothing short of massive. One of our new initiatives will be to have events both filmed and photographed. This footage is to be show cased at our BBR Movie Nights. Now as much as we love watching Slater and the best rip it up, we know in our hearts nothing beats seeing the boys laying rail on a big screen to the hoots and admiration of their peers. We will be brining back the BBR monthly newsletter. Newsletters will feature editorial on each of our events, including photos and latest relevant news and we will have guest writers each month giving us their version of how the day went down. All first round heats will be pre-drawn and advertised in the newsletter prior to each relevant event. Our new event schedule will feature a specialty big wave event and a teams challenge against Sandon Point one of the east coasts most famous right hand breaks, and as expected we will be continuing all our interstate and national team events. This year will be one diffidently not to miss, so don’t be caught siting on the side

We will also be offering a range of membership options to choose from so everyone can be involved at a level that suits them best, and with the biggest prize pool ever offered by BBR, we will be rewarding not only the champions, but also most improved surfers and those club members that have helped the cause and shown great leadership.

Looking forward to a great 2014 on the hill.

Ian Wallace
Committee Member