Australian Boardriders Battle – Bondi into the National Finals!

Bondi Boardriders are the Australian Boardriders Battle southern NSW Runners up after taking out the Tag Team Division in a tightly contested event in clean two-to-three foot peaks at Jones Beach Kiama on 10-01-2015.

Culburra, Scarborough, Elouera and Bondi went neck-and-neck for overall victory up until the dying moments of the day. The victory was ultimately decided when Bondi managed to take out the Teams division with Chris Friend scouring an amazing 9.5 with only 2minitus of the contest remaining, this consequently nabbed them the runner-up position and handed the overall win to Culburra, hence knocking Scarborough down into the third position. As a result Culburra Beach Boardriders and Bondi have booked their spot into the National Final on the Australia Day Long Weekend.

1 – Culburra Beach Boardriders 5525 2 – Bondi Boardriders 5400
3 – Scarborough Boardriders 5050 4 – Elouera Boardriders 4362
5 – Maroubra Boardriders 4274 6 – Southbridge Boardriders 4162
7 – Sandon Point Boardriders 3762 8 – Werri Boardriders 3672
9 – Cronulla Point Boardriders 3562 10 – Jones Beach Boardriders 3450
11 – Woonoona Boardriders 3050 12 – Garie Boardriders 3050

Team Division.
Bondi finished 1st place
Junior Lara Damelian, Opens Perth Standlick, Teale Vanner and Chris friend, Master Dom Wills

Skins Division.
Perth Standlick 1st place in his 2nd skins heat

Woman’s Division
Nicola Atherton placing 2nd in her heat

Management. Rod Donoso, Ben Davies and Ian Wallace
Team Coach. Clancy Dawson
Plus we had a few little strategies much to secret to revel!!!

Calling all Bondi Champions of the World!!

Get to Cronulla January 24 – 25 (2 weeks time) and support your local surf club YEEEWW
Get on the phones call each other and organize lifts and get there to watch Bondi take it out!


Bondi’s Perth Standlick in full flight