Bondi Single Fin Classic 2017 – recap


Surfing contests are often defined by the quality of waves. But not the Bondi Single Fin Classic. The waves can be as wonky as funk music but no one really cares, as this is a surfing circus. Tents, buses, fancy dress, surprising people, and impromptu dancing all feature – which is why I’ll focus on those virtuous elements in this recap.

The day started under infrequent but heavy downpours. In fact water was coming up at us from below at one stage when a star picket was driven into a water main on the South Bondi hill. Fortunately, we’re such a vital part of the community and driver of youth development that we can make errors with council every now and then…. and the show went on.

The first rounds were held in small, but consistent waves with the goofy footers at an advantage as a left-hander developed in the corner. Old Single Fins are hard to ride at the best of times, but in these waves they are confounding. But that’s what this day is about – boards lie around on the hill and you pick one up, see how it feels under arm, see how the last surfer went on it, then give it a go. In your next heat you might want to try something else or find someone else has the board you want.

Eugene of Aquabumps not only made it out of the first round for the first time, but won his heat convincingly. Dave Davidson was guest of honour this year – a title which results in his photo ending up on the t-shirts, posters and artwork, plus a number of other benefits over the weekend. Davo, a former pro-surfer, who now lives on the Gold Coast, smashed out an 8 and a 7 in his heat, marking him as a key threat. Reigning champ John Ozzie wasn’t finding previous form, stuck in the south corner rip, he bombed out early. His arch rival Ian Wallace was milking the waves on a carefully chosen McCoy which was tucked away in a car between surfs so it couldn’t get waterlogged by other surfers riding it. These are the very tactics required to progress.


As the day went on surfers across the 3 divisions belted out all sorts of highly creative surfing in the unpredictable waves – which picked up in size during the early afternoon. Creativity was also required on the dancefloor. As tradition dictates, surfers dance before they surf, for vital points. The girls from Fluoro Friday judged the dancing – dressed in iridescent disco wear – Luke Kennedy’s girlfriend Aprilla, her twin sister and their friends were in fact the most energetic dancers on the day, jiving away as they handed out scores to surfers whose moves ranged from impressive to downright disconcerting. Punters walking past were unsure if the dancing was the results of a bet gone wrong, or if it was genuinely volitional and just very twisted.


No one could complain about the music – Charlie Cowan spun up a storm on the turntables and by mid-afternoon had the hill jumping, despite the cloudy weather. Mt Warning provided the live music, and killed it from atop the bus rooftop. The bus was courtesy of Justin Crawford, whose hat company Fallen Broken Street was the main sponsor. The Fallen Broken Street crew drove down from Byron overnight, care of BBR club patron Tony Spanos. The FBS crew have been travelling the country on their Glitch In Time Tour playing music, surfing, and selling hats. We became the last stop on their journey and they tuned into the Single Fin contest perfectly.

The other sound to mention on the day is Cooper and Bush from Radio Hub. This Bondi duo have been commentating the Single Fin since day 1, and are as much a part of the entertainment as the surfing. In fact this is what grass roots surfing contests are all about. One beach, bringing in the best people from the neighbourhood to make a festive event. Only surfing can really do this well – imagine a tennis club saying hey we’re going to get some DJs, and have a fancy dress tennis match using 1960s racquets? Likewise rugby league or Volleyball. The commentary of Cooper and Bush make for a unique event, and find ever more weird and wonderful ways of interpreting surfing and making people laugh.

By late afternoon the finals had distilled the best 4 surfers from each division into 20 minutes of do or die surfing. The stakes were high with 3 brand new single fin surfboards up for grabs – care of local surf shops Surf Culture and Sunburnt Mess. The opens featured Grayson Hinrichs, just 15 years of age and already a part of Bondi surfing folklore (evidence here: Grayson showed incredible surfing intuition on a big old board in ordinary waves, but failed to surpass Chris Friend who was a stand out all day.  In the masters Ryan Carr from Bronte was unlucky to be pipped by Bondi Boardrider’s President Ian Wallace, a fearsome competitor and great bloke who has a few SF titles under his belt now. The Grand Masters came down to close finish with Phil Leadley overcoming Rick Scott, West Coleman, and Billy Morris. If you’re on Facebook Deadly will have told you all about this by now.

A big thanks to Vissla for supplying the contest t-shirts. The proceeds go a long way in funding the event and supporting the club. They looked great and we hope to keep working with Vissla in future.Thanks to Richie Stenlake of Made Agency for all the great artwork! Also thanks to Vic Austin our Contest Director who is an absolute gem! Also thanks go to Spanos, Ricky Scott, Dave Byron and Stodsy, and especially to our guest of honour, Davo, a true Bondi champion.

The next Bondi Single Fin Classic is in 2 years. Barely enough time for me and my co-organiser, Beau Sevastos, to recover.

Benny Davies














ENTRY: $50


President’s Letter


Dear Members & Sponsors.

Firstly thank you all for making 2016 such great year.


Bondi Boardriders in 2017 has hit the ground running. Late last year we won the Australian Boardriders Battle NSW qualifier enabling us to surf in the National finals that were broadcast live via FOX sports all over the country. Our team put in a huge effort getting 3rd in the country mixing it up with clubs overflowing with WCT surfers. We were the only team that did not have a professional surfer for the final. We consisted of a Chef, a Gardener, a Business Analyst, a Surf Coach and a Student with a Real Estate agent on standby. Our club took it to the best surfers in the world and dominated them.  Perth Standlick, possibly the most underrated surfer in the country, took down World Champions and was awarded Surfer of the event. A huge effort considering there were 10 WCT Surfers in the mix. Chris Friend was as always solid as a rock and his consistency kept Bondi always in the mix. Our other surfers Clancy Dawson, Eddy Ryall and Lara Damelian all did their part to solidify this amazing result.

Bondi Boardriders Team results.

1st NSW Qualifier ABB, Kiama January 2016—series-iv-event-7—kiama?autoStart=true&q=ABB

3rd Australian ABB Final, Newcastle February 2017—day-one-highlights?autoStart=true—day-two-highlights?autoStart=true

4th in Australia December 2016 Sailor Jerry Surf Tag, Curl Curl

3rd In NSW Qualifier March 2017 Sailor Jerry Surf Tag, Cronulla


Our juniors also have also started 2017 with a bang with Grayson Hendricks taking out the Surfarama event at Long Reef and a second place at Surfest in Newcastle. Lara Damelian has started her quest surfing in some WQS events as well as still doing the Juniors. Nick McGrath has been free surfing up a storm and will be a huge threat to all that come up against him this year. Angus Jones has spent a lot of time on the North Shore of Hawaii honing his big wave skills. They are just a few of the names that make up a massive surge in junior talent that Bondi is producing.

Grom Training 

Late last year with the help of Perth Standlick and Chris Friend we set up weekly training sessions for our groms prior to entering two teams in the Australian Surf Tag. All the groms trained hard and it was hard to pick the final teams. While the groms did not podium finish they learned a lot about team’s events, surfed their hearts out and got to experience our famous Bus and even more famous mascot bus driver Spanos. This year we will be looking to take our groms to the next level so stay tuned for some exiting initiatives for 2017.

This year has seen record numbers of girls join the club. Welcome to all.

Water Safety

We will again have the legends from Waverley Lifeguards keeping an eye on our surfers and using the jet skis to maintain a safe completion zone

This year Alex Tucker will be the Junior Safety Officer and not only is he a great surfer but is currently doing his last year Bachelors in Sports and Exercise. He is also accredited with 1. First Aid, CPR, APLOA Ocean Safety Surf Coach Award Qualified, AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming. Alex will be on hand to oversee our Junior divisions. He will be set up on the beach from 6.50am -10am.

 Help the club.

This Sunday will be the first contest of the year and it’s going to be a cracker. The swell and wind are looking favourable for an epic start to the Contest year. Last year was a great year and this year I hope even better. We are a club run by the community for the community. Last year it was the same (few) people that helped set up and pack up. This year we need a lot more support from ALL OF THE DIVISONS and parents!!!!!! The real heroes in my eyes are not just the clubs best surfer but the crew that you can count on help out. We have a team behind the scenes that most will never know the amount of hours they devote to the club. Clare Matuska and Victoria Austin are Bondi Boardriders Angels, they put so much into the club and from everyone at Bondi Boardriders we thank you. Chris Friend and Fernando have reinvented the way club contests are run through Live Heats and we are so stoked to have you backing us and leading the way in technology. To all the parents that help out thank you for being amazing, humble and understanding. Stodsy!!!! you are a bloody champion and it would be hard to find anyone with more club spirt. Even with a few health issues last year he helped set up and pack up every single contest. After setting up he gets on the BBQ and cooks for the entire club. We need more Stodsy’s in our club or we won’t have one. And to all the 2016-2017 committee Shane Wilson, Perth Standlick, Tim Okky , Ben Davies Ray Vuko, Steve Carlaw and Alex Tucker thank you for helping grow our club into the best in the country.

On Sunday we need volunteers to help set up from 6.30am and pack up after the last heat.

We also want two strong surfers (opens – Grandmasters) to be in the water with the Mirco groms. Their first heat is 7am and will need you in a wetsuit ready to paddle out at 6.50am

If you can help please let me know 0416 251073

Sponsors 2016-2017

To our sponsors we would not be here without you. Thank you for all your amazing support!!!!.


  • Channel 9
  • Rob Damelian Luxury Motors
  • Pipeline Plumbing
  • Surfculture
  • LiveHeats
  • Bondi Beach Radio
  • Bondi Tony’s Burger Joint
  • The Bucket List
  • Darren Elmes – Woollahra Golf Club
  • Beamers Sunglasses
  • Richardson & Wrench Bondi Beach
  • Bondi United
  • O’Brien Solicitors

If you would like to become a sponsor please contact me on


Bondi United.

We are very proud to announce we will be a Sleeve Sponsor for Bondi United A Grade Reserve for 2017. They have just come from Back to Back grand final wins in 2015-2016 and many of our members have at one stage has played for this legendary club or still do. Kelly Robbo and Big Tommy, amongst others, have put so much back into the community and we are honoured to have our Boardriders logo on a Bondi United Jersey. They are a Club that inspires, playing with heart and passion. We urge all our members to go and support Bondi United whenever they can and we will keep you updated of all upcoming games.

Next contest 

This SUNDAY March 12, 7AM start with Micro Groms to arrive no later than 6.40am register @


N.B VERY IMPORTANT !!!!! if your child can not swim strongly or if they are wanting to learn to surf, Bondi Boardriders is not the correct club for them. Let’s go Surfing can help with learning to surf and we recommend any accredited swim school for swimming. Also if you child is under the age of 18 they must have a designated person over 18 looking after them.

Micro Micro Groms .

Ben Davies will be the captain of this division and will be running heats according to tides and safety. All competitors must have a guardian pushing them into waves during the heats. Ben is a lifeguard, former President of BBR, a sponsor, father of 4 and fantastic waterman. Ben will be liaising with all parents in this division so please contact Ben ASAAP on either 0410 564 560 or so he can direct times and conditions prior to each contest. If you feel your child is just over the age limit but would be better suited to this division please let Ben know as the Mirco’s surf unassisted.

Kids and The skate park! 

If you’re going to skate in the park between heats put on some protective gear, (shoes, helmet etc) and get out of your wetsuit. We don’t need any more Ambulances carting our groms to hospital. If your seen in the park not adhering to this you won’t get any points.


If anyone wants us to publish any competition results please notify me

Let’s bring on a huge 2017.

Kind Regards,

Ian Wallace

President Bondi Boardriders.


BBR 2017 Contest Dates

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